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A Brand New Semester!

Hello Bloggers and Followers alike!

The MMC hallways are tingling with the anticipation of new classes and a new semester, as well as many coming back from month-long vacations reuniting with their friends. I myself share in the excitement, though my schedule and classes are earlier than what I’m used to, so my sleeping habits are going to need some serious adjusting.

I’m enrolled in a few very interesting classes, some that are saturated with the unique MMC personality. This semester, I’m taking the first steps to complete my new English Major, and my double-minors in Creative Writing and Studio Art. I’m taking classes like Literary Analysis 1, Drawing 1, Intro to Creative Writing 2, an Honors Program science course called HIV/AIDs (which is also available to students outside the Honors Program), and Social Issues in Literature. I’m very excited to start getting into the material of these classes, and I’m also happy that I get to share some of these classes with my favorite teachers and my friends.

More good and new news is that, through the work-study program here at the school, I’ve gotten a job at the MMC Library!

That’s the bulk of it so far during my first two days back.

More soon!


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