City Lights

Greetings from Nashville, TN!

For Thanksgiving weekend, I went down to Nashville, TN, where my Aunt Sherine lives. All of my extended family who live in the United States decided to meet up there this year, and while I usually don’t get to make it to these, this year I did. It was so great to see all the family I usually only see once a year (if at all), since my family is spread out across the country.

Black Friday is always exciting, because as a college student a good sale can’t come fast enough, but the crowds are crazy this year!

I also may have gotten a job at a new store that opened up called David’s Tea! Its a Canadian company that just opened up two stores in the US, one on 64th Street near the college and one on Bleecker Street downtown. It’s only training/a trial run so far, but hopefully I’ll get the job for good!

Pictures and more soon!


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