City Lights

Hey guys! As promised in my introductory video, here are some pictures of my room (which I love!)
I live at the 55th Street Residence Hall, which is beautiful. There’s everything you need: a 24/7 laundry room, gym, and study lounges, and even a store that is open until midnight where you can get produce and snacks and all of life’s essentials (laundry detergent, frebreeze, etc.)

I live on the 20th floor, so they view is pretty¬†wonderful too (except for the building they’re constructing, which will probably be cool when finished). Even though I’m from Brooklyn and I’ve been to Manhattan before, living here is really different and I love it. I’m so lucky to be so young and living in the city, and especially in such a nice residence hall (the other ones in the city aren’t so great).

Much Love! More soon!

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